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title: Down the Garden Path

date: 2006

size: various sizes

medium: digital composite prints on silver gelatin


Progress has been a fundamental ideology in the development of civilization.  Through progress, man created language and art, cultivated agriculture, and developed the ability to form complex social organizations.  The innovations and ideologies that successively take us further into our development have placed us at a crossroad where our progressive course threatens the sustainability.

My interest lies in the examination of the developments throughout civilization and the scientific evidence of unsustainable archetypes.  By examining the histories of religion, science, and technology, within a social, economic, and environmental framework, the cause and effect relationships of these structures become apparent.

The photographs in the exhibition “Down The Garden Path” were created in response to this research.  These images are not statements directed at the viewer but as a means of conversation.  Through an air of playfulness and a sense of mystery, the suit wearing birds, egg eating rats, and worm gathering workers are placed together into constructed photographs that invite viewers into an exploration of the world around them.

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